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About Us

SweatyB  Elevates your Daily Routine by designing and formulating personal care products with clean, safe, and effective ingredients that cares for you.                                                

We clinically test and undergo a rigorous ingredient selection process to formulate the products. The products are designed to not be harmful to your skin and is clinically proven and tested.

Family and friends have enjoyed the product and have used it for their daytime adventures and nighttime pursuits. 

We want to create a sustainable environment around us and build awareness to use natural and clean personal care products. 

Our mission is to enable all students to become self-directed and self-reflective learners. In a climate of trust, we engage them in opportunities to improve their academic performance, develop their interpersonal skills. It is important to me that all students feel that our staff knows them well and that we continue to challenge them to grow both academically and socially.

Educare School

The Most Clean and Natural Way to Spray

Paraben Free

Sulfate Free

Cruelty Free

Dye Free

Clinically Tested

Sustainable Packaging